Posted by: ad65shorty | April 6, 2011

Open-Ended Art

My kids LOVE to create! I have many art supplies readily available for creativity at any moment! My 3-year-old daughter and I spent 2 hours one morning this week simply creating. I let her guide the work and just cut or glued where she asked for a little extra help. It was so much fun!! It was nice to get away from a structured art activity, and I was surprised to see how much her creativity has grown in the last little while. Here are the things she created with some of the supplies in our art cabinet:

Many of her creations! We were busy!

Glue and glitter: Done independently

Snowman: she designed the whole thing! This one will definitely be saved!

Painting with cars

Smash art: Put paint on one side, fold and smash. Open up and see what you created!

Puppets: The big red one is a ladybug she designed. Too cute!

And the puppet show!

I wanted to show you how varied their creations can be when we allow our kids to simply create with little guidance. Come over to Facebook and join our discussion on arts and crafts in your own home. Do you keep supplies readily available, or are yours put away so you can have more control? I’d love to hear your opinons!


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