Posted by: ad65shorty | February 12, 2011

Heart Stamp Art for Valentine’s Day

make and takes heart-shaped stamps!

I love the look of this project! I actually thought it was one of those rolled marble art projects until I looked into it. I then quickly realized it was made with a heart-shaped toilet paper roll! How cool is that?! (this idea is Marie’s from Make and Takes found via Facebook)  My daughter had a friend over last week for a couple of hours so I pulled out this project. It went very quickly. But the kids LOVED it!

You can go here for directions, but here’s the gist of it.

1. Gather your supplies:

red paint (I think pink would be adorable, too!)

white paper

toilet paper roll

paint pallet (I used paper plates)

2. You just need to squish the TP roll into a heart. It takes a little bit of squishing and adjusting, but the kids don’t seem to mind if it’s a little off.

3. Pour some paint on the pallet and help your child get the end of the TP roll covered in paint.

4. Show your child how to “stamp” it.

5. Let them go at it until they’re done! (And my kids didn’t get a drop of paint on them! Yay for being clean, too!)

6. Marie cut hers into a heart shape after the paint dried, which I love (see top picture). My kids didn’t get their papers covered like hers so I left theirs as is. Also cute!

completed by 4-year-old

This was so, so simple, so cute, and so fun! Thanx for another great idea, Marie! Seriously, love this lady! 🙂


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  2. fun!! what a great use for toilet paper rolls!! we have a stash accumulating and I hadn’t thought to use them as stamps!! perfect

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