Posted by: ad65shorty | January 6, 2011

Penguin ABCs

We’re learning about penguins this week. My daughter is really enjoying it! We acted like penguins, which brought lots of laughter. We also played this fun penguin counting game. Her favorite part was eating the fish afterwards!

Yesterday we played this fun ABC game. I know I’ve shared it before during other units, but it’s one of her favorites so we play it a lot! I printed some penguin clip art off the internet that I liked. I wrote letters we are reviewing and learning on the penguins tummies (one per penguin). I then “hid” them around the room, or hung them on the wall around the room. My daughter had to find them, take them off the wall, bring them to me, and tell me the letter and the sound of each. After she found them all, she wanted to hide them! She hid them and hunted again. She did this for 1/2 hour, then played it 3 more times that day! Crazy! But she’s definitely learning those letters!

one penguin "hidden" on the wall

my daughter finding one (sorry it's blurry!)

penguins on the table after being found

For more penguin ideas from the past, go here.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for one more idea!



  1. My Niece LOVES penguins! And I’m babysitting for two full days, so I’ll definitely try this out.
    YOU are so creative!

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