Posted by: ad65shorty | December 13, 2010

Guest Post: New Christmas Traditions

Amy is here as my guest today. She’s a mother of 2 adorable boys, who keep her very busy. When she’s not spending time with her family, this lady enjoys cooking, photography, and crafting. She is amazing, and I get so many great ideas from her!
This is our first year living far away from family, so we have come up with several new traditions. This year, our new favorite is our Christmas Activity Jar. Each morning we pick out an activity out of the jar. Some of the activities include:
-Watching a Christmas movie with dad and eating popcorn
-Making cookies
-Baking bread/rolls
-Painting a card to send to grandma
-Making ornaments and other Christmas crafts
-Going to the Dollar Store to pick out a gift for someone in the family.
I just decorated a jar and put in 25 different activities in the jar. When we are done, we keep the paper, so we can do it next year. Next year I plan on keeping a lot, but adding new activities as well. We started this on December 1st, so this also makes for a good advent calendar too, because you’re doing/making 25 different things throughout the month of December.
Here are some of our craft ideas:

Hand Wreath

Fun Foam Name Ornament

Candy Trees

Cinnamon Dough (from Martha Stewart) Ornament, painted

Thanx, Amy! How fun!

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