Posted by: ad65shorty | December 8, 2010

Block Ornaments

My Christmas tree is similar to what many of you refer to as your “kid’s tree.” You know, the one that’s downstairs for only the family to enjoy, while Mom’s gorgeous, classy tree is upstairs. Not at our house. Our tree is full of mismatched ornaments, many hand-made, displayed for the world to see! I grew up with the same sort of tree as a child, and it’s so fun to put up the tree at my parents’ house every year because each ornament holds a memory. We reminisce as we pull each one out, telling the stories behind each ornament. My husband and I decided to carry on that tradition into our own family. We have ornaments from our first Christmas together, when we were too poor to buy anything but colored bulbs. We have ornanments from each of our children’s first Christmas’. We have ornaments made by our kids in school, made with popsicle sticks and pom-poms. We have ornaments that have been given to us by dear friends and former students through the years.  So, even though our tree isn’t the prettiest on the block, it definitely holds years of memories for us, and we love it!

these ones don't have the tops yet

One of our family traditions is making a new ornament for our Christmas tree every year. Sometimes we make one all together. Sometimes we each get our own but they’re the same idea. A couple of years ago, I found this cute idea by accident and fell in love. I thought these little block ornaments were adorable and a perfect, easy craft for our family of very young children!

1. We had a bunch of these little blocks so I grabbed one for each of us–with our name initials (JJ has a “J” on the back of his, I have an “M” for Mom on mine.)

2. I then found some pictures of each of us that I could cut into 1-inch squares (if I remember right, I actually reduced the pictures to fit). I also think I cut mine a little smaller than an inch so we got a little border around each picture (’cause I’m a little OCD like that!).

3. I mod-podged the pictures on (I chose the side opposite of the name letter) and wrote the year on each one, as well.

4. Everyone decorated the sides with marker, except for me. I liked the look of the wood so I left mine blank.

5. We then put mod-podge over the whole thing to help perserve them. The markers ran a little…

6. I then bought the little hooks in the hardware section at Home Depot. They were easy to screw in the tops of the blocks.

7. To finish the look, I attached a ribbon to each one.

I think they turned out so cute, and they are some of my favorite ornaments that hang on our tree!


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