Posted by: ad65shorty | December 2, 2010

Can’t Live Without Baby Items?

I was talking with my sister-in-law today, who is pregnant with her first, about “can’t live without” baby items. She just doesn’t know what she’s going to need. What is your “can’t live without” baby item? For me: my Boppy pillow! Couldn’t live without it!




  1. I just had our second daughter and also love our boppy. My new favorites are our bouncer seat and my moby wrap.

    • I’ve heard amazing things about the Moby wrap! My dr recommended a baby sling with my colicky baby, but they were brand new and hard to find back then (plus $$$). If we can ever get this baby-thing to work again, I really want to try the Moby! Thanx, Stacy!

  2. I have to say a baby swing and swaddling blankets. They are both lifesavers! Also a bobby is great. I used a sling with #2 and loved it. 3 and 4 loved the swaddle blankets. 4 is still using them and 1 loved the swing.

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