Posted by: ad65shorty | November 23, 2010

Simple Homemade Native American Costume

I am so proud of this project!!! In my 31 years, I think I have sewn maybe 5 things all by myself. Sewing is so hard for me and makes me cry, but I had this vision and wanted to see if I could create it! My son’s Kindergarten teacher asked that the kids come in either a Pilgrim costume or a Native American costume for their Friendship Feast at school. My son chose a Native American. So, this is what I came up with:

Cute, huh?! (Sorry about the quality of pictures. It’s really dark and cloudy today, and I was in a hurry!)

Here are my directions. I don’t have pictures of the process because honestly, I didn’t think about it. If you need any clarification, please ask!

1. I bought a light brown fleece material at my local craft store, enough to make a smock for him, and a dress for my daughter.

2. I measured (by sight) how long to make it and how wide to make it. My son’s went about mid-thigh. My kids are the perfect height that I was able to just copy his to make a knee-length dress for my daughter. I added a couple of inches to the width to accomodate for the seam.

3. I folded the material at the shoulders so that it would have a front and a back and drew a t-shirt shape (with no sleeves) with marker on the material.

4. I cut it out, then measured it again against my son. (Just to check ’cause I’m a little OCD!)

5. At the fold, near the top, I found the middle and marked it. I then created a “V” shape neck-line for the front. My sister-in-law suggested cutting a slit at the back so it would go over his head easily and still look nice when he was wearing it. She said I could safety pin it, but we just let it hang. Start small ’cause you can always cut bigger.

6. I then turned it inside-out and sewed about a one-inch seam on each side. My sister-in-law suggested having it curve near the armpit area so it was more comfortable. I just guess-timated on that!  (She also suggested to sew the seam on the outside, and then cut fringe down the side. Cute idea, but way too advanced for me!)

7. I turned it right-side out and cut a little fringe at the bottom. Mine are about an inch wide and a couple inches up.

8. We then took craft paint and some sponges we have to decorate. My daughter painted her whole dress. My son did a row near the neck and at the bottom by the fringe.

9. I also made them simple head-dresses. I cut a 2-inch strip that was wide enough to fit their heads. They each picked some feathers, and I sewed them onto the headband, then sewed the strip into a band to fit. This was a little tricky for me, but I did it!

My Native American neighbors ranted and raved about how well I did. I was just a little proud! 🙂

And my kids have worn them all day and are so excited to wear them for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday!


  1. Great job!! Look at you sew!! You’re going to be a pro soon! I’m so proud of you!

  2. And what a GREAT idea!! You are amazing!

  3. Thanx for the encouragement, Gina! 🙂

  4. I love, love, love these… and wish I could sew!! My kids have a Thanksgiving dinner at school in 2 weeks, and these would be perfect!! Great job!

    • Thank you, Julie Anne! I don’t do much sewing either! 🙂

  5. Used your idea, but without a sewing machine I used a pillow case. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

    • Oh! I love that idea Celeste!! What an easy no-sew version! Thank you for sharing!!

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