Posted by: ad65shorty | November 15, 2010

Fingerprint Turkey Art

Saturday was a long day for us. My kids asked me in the afternoon if we could do a turkey craft. This is what I came up with:

6-year-old's on left; 3-year-old's on right

I cut circles out of brown paper. I told my kids to glue them on near the bottom of the paper and showed them the basic concept. I then pulled out my paint pallettes, and put one paint color in each space. They then used one finger per color to make the feathers. I told them to make the feathers go in a “V” (like my son’s) and to do fingerprints instead of smudges. My 3-year-old started right, then did her own version. I love their interpretations of things! They then added feet, beak, and gobble with their fingers. We glued on googly eyes to complete our pictures. Cute!



  1. […] first craft were these fingerprint turkeys found @  I wanted the boys to make as much of it as possible.  I gave them both one large lid and one […]

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