Posted by: ad65shorty | November 13, 2010

Weekend Reading: Pushing Preschoolers

Okay, so I assume most of you know my philosophies on teaching by now. I think we are way too academically-based and pushing our little ones way too much! If your little one isn’t reading by kindergarten, they’re considered behind. What the?! Really?! What happened to the kitchen and the sensory tub?! What happened to preschool and kindergarten being the base to learning to LOVE school?! Why do we have HOMEWORK (worksheets) and SPELLING TESTS in kindergarten?! I mean, seriously!

My biggest questions have been what are we doing to our children? What kind of adults are they going to be? And what kind of world is it going to be when they are adults? I loved this article that addressed some of these concerns. (I originally found this through Not Just Cute, a favorite educational site of mine.)

What are your thoughts?! I know many of you have different philosophies than me, and that’s okay. Just curious what you think about the preschools and Kindergartens now-days. What would your ideal classroom look like?



  1. I’m the same as you. I guess it comes from my mom. I get concerned when all I see happening in a classroom is coloring pages and worksheets. There doesn’t seem to be much playing, much role play or discovery through sensory items. I just hope our kids don’t get worn out!

  2. I’m a primary teacher and the kindergarten worksheets DRIVE ME CRAZY!!!! I don’t know whether you know of Debbie Miller (a fabulous expert on literacy) and she continually referred to students’ schema as a backpack of things they know that they can bring to their learning. I see kindergarten as the time to fill that backpack with knowledge of the world, knowledge through their senses and through experience. I don’t see that the forced early “learning” accomplishes anything and, in many cases, the children aren’t ready and they shut down to school. Our culture really has it all wrong!!!

    • Sarah, LOVE the backpack analogy! Thanx for sharing! 🙂

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