Posted by: ad65shorty | November 12, 2010

Teaching Kids Nutrition: Healthy Habits Plate

My friend, Amy at Super Healthy Kids has these fabulous plates that teach kids healthy eating habits in such a fun way! I was able to get some of these months ago, and my kids LOVE them! I love that each section has a picture of what goes there. The biggest section is for fruits and vegetables, teaching kids to pile up on those things! My 6-year-old only lets me puts fruit/veggies on that section! Too cute!

Using the plate for lunch earlier this week!

If you’re interested in purchasing one (or more!) yourself, go here. They are only $4.99 each! They hold up great in the dishwasher, are thicker than normal plastic plates, and as you can see, are super bright and colorful! LOVE them! :)

Disclaimer: I am receiving no compensation for this post. In fact, Amy has no idea I’m even posting about them! We just really┬álove our Healthy Habits plates! Also, these are my pictures, and it was a cloudy day. Her pictures are so much better! :)

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