Posted by: ad65shorty | November 11, 2010

ABC Game: Alphabet Soup

I had the great opportunity years ago to work as a Kindergarten aide in a Title I school. I got to work with small groups and individual children who didn’t have a lot of parental support at home. My main focus was teaching them reading skills, which honestly is where my passion lies. It was so much fun! I made up all sorts of games for the kids to help them learn basic reading skills (for these kids it was mainly letters and sounds). This simple game, which I called “Alphabet Soup,” was a favorite. Go figure! Since we’re learning about nutrition this week, I thought this game would be fun for my daughter, too.


A bowl

A spoon

A bunch of letters (I like letter tiles but you could use magnetic letters or even letters written on small pieces of paper)


1. Lay the letters out on the table face-up.

2. Tell your child something like, “Today we’re going to make Alphabet Soup! (remember to be excited about it!)  See all these letters? They’re going to go in our soup. What you’re going to do is choose a letter, tell me the name and the sound. If you’re right, it gets to go into our soup. If you miss, we’ll have to put it back on the table.”

3. Have your child choose a letter and do what was mentioned above. After they say the letter and the sound, have them add the letter to their “soup” (or put it in the bowl). Repeat until each letter has been used. For those letters they miss, they just get to try again until they get it right.

4. Have your child mix the “soup” up with the spoon and have everyone taste it. “Ooh, this is the BEST soup ever! You are so good at making alphabet soup!”

5. Repeat, if your child is interested.

Hints/Other Ideas:

1. Whatever letter we are working on, I try to have multiple copies of that letter so they have to say it many times. (So, if I have 10 letter tiles, 5 or 6 would be our letter)

We're working on L l this week

2. It’s important that your children learn both the uppercase and lowercase letters so be sure to have both in your mix.

3. Don’t use every letter of the alphabet unless your child is REALLY comfortable! It becomes overwhelming to children!


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