Posted by: ad65shorty | November 9, 2010

Fun Food Books for Children

This week, my daughter and I will be talking about food and nutrition. I think it’ll be a lot of fun, and it may actually go into next week, too. I like talking about nutrition before the holidays, teaching my kids that sweets are good in moderation and how to select healthy foods that will give you energy and keep you happy through the busy days.

To begin, I want to share two of my favorite books. These books are so neat. They are all about “playing” with your food. Just look at the covers:

Baby Food by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers

(Various baby animals, all made out of fruits and vegetables!)

Fast Food by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers

(Just about any form of transportation you can imagine, all made with fruits and vegetables!)

Don’t you want to check out what is inside? I know I do! And I’ll tell you–kids LOVE these books. In fact, mine were so loved that my copies got stolen (sad!) by a little girl with a rough home life while I was teaching 1st grade. I need to re-purchase these for my own children.

Here’s a bit more about the series:  Using an X-acto knife, Freymann deftly transforms garden-variety produce into emotive faces and amusing animals enhanced with peppercorn eyes, beet-juice mouths, or corn-kernel teeth. He keeps his designs simple. “The colors and forms are so wonderful that they give you everything you need. The characters come out of the vegetable or fruit. I’m just nudging it to something it resembles.” (taken from his biography on

I love these books! The pictures are bright, colorful, and simple, not to mention creative. It’s fun to look at the pictures and talk about the different fruits and vegetables used. Wouldn’t it be fun to try this with your children?! You could duplicate one of Freymann’s designs or create your own. And what a great way to motivate your children to eat their vegetables or to try new ones! I know my kids would go CRAZY with creating!

For a complete list of books in this series, go here.

*Originally shared as a guest at Super Healthy Kids here a year and 1/2 ago with some slight changes to the original.


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