Posted by: ad65shorty | October 25, 2010

Open-Ended Halloween Art

One evening, my son wanted to create Halloween decorations for our home so we pulled out our scrap box and went a little crazy with creating! Our windows are covered in homemade Halloween decorations now. I love the pride my children feel in those decorations. And I love how simple and open-ended this project was. I didn’t tell them what to create, nor was there a pattern for them to follow–they used their own imaginations! I do have to apologize for the fading in the art work: because they have been hanging in our windows for a month now, the sun has faded the colors immensely.

pumpkin--imagine it in its glory: orange skin, yellow face, and bright green mouth and stem. Too cute!

haunted house--with ghosts, monsters, skeletons, and a witch!

Here is a fun idea from the past (click on picture for link):


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