Posted by: ad65shorty | October 11, 2010

Where You From?

So, I’m curious. I have a pretty good following, but where are you all from?! I’ve always been curious about the people who read my blog (FB has helped me get faces to some of you, which is great!), but most of you are silent lurkers. For all I know, you could all be my neighbor down the street clicking on my site 100 times a day (yeah, right!). So, flatter me here:  leave a comment here or on Facebook and tell us where you live (you can even make it anonymous; I don’t care). Are there any of you out of the country?

I’ll start. I currently live in Utah (in case you didn’t know!).

This’ll be fun!



  1. Hi Angee! I’m in Iowa. 🙂

  2. I am your neighbor down the street who clicks a hundred times a day! Just kidding, only once a day. 🙂

  3. Austin, TX!

    Love your creative ideas. We just copied most of your pirate b-day party ideas for my son’s 4th birthday last week!

  4. Utah, West Layton to be exact.

  5. hi, its me, Laralee. What a fun idea.

  6. Springfield, PA, right outside Philadelphia! Thank you for all the great ideas.

  7. Colorado! And I love all the cute ideas you have on here:)

  8. Hi, I’m a neighbor. I live VERY VERY Close to you. Maybe you are even thinking… Too close!

  9. Mid-Michigan – love your ideas!

  10. I’m in Los Angeles, Ca! Happy to find your site!

  11. I’m the one out of the country, England, as you know. I just need to start clicking every day! I am a backtrack blogger where I catch up on all I miss. Or I just check when I feel like I need some good ideas for the kids and want to be a better mom. Thanks for inspiring me!!

  12. I love your site. I knew I had to keep up with it since you were Gabe’s preschool teacher. He’s now in 4th grade!! Crazy! And he’s an amazing student and you have a lot to do with that. thanks! I share your site with lots of other moms, esp the ones I do a “joy school” of sorts with. Thanks Angie for all your fun ideas! I dont have to search the web anymore! YAY! 🙂

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