Posted by: ad65shorty | October 7, 2010

Fall Silhouettes

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. Gosh! We are so insanely busy here, and this blog has taken a seat on the back burner. We are learning about fall this week, which has been kind of tricky since we’ve had a lot of rain! We’ve improvised and had a lot of fun, including puddle jumping one afternoon. This morning, although chilly, was clear so we went on a nature walk. We took a bucket to collect our findings. My daughter LOVED putting things into the bucket, and I enjoyed seeing the world through her eyes. She raced from place to place searching for leaves, bugs, mushrooms, sticks, and dandelions. We went “fishing” in the pond by putting our sticks in the water next to each other. We listened to the birds and a “bear” (no clue on that one, but it was fun to pretend!). We watched the geese fly overhead. She stepped on any mushrooms she could find to “kill” them. It was loads of fun!

When we got back, we dumped our findings out on the kitchen table and explored what we had collected.

I then had her lay some of her findings out on a big piece of construction paper.

I put some paint in a spray bottle, mixed it with some water, and let her spray the paper (LOTS of fun!). Be sure to cover your child and YOURSELF well because this one can get kind of messy, and kids don’t have the best aim! We let her picture dry all morning, and this is what it looks like:

Gorgeous! We used red paint, but you could use more colors. I think a layer of orange on top of the red would be really cool!

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