Posted by: ad65shorty | September 14, 2010

Learning to Serve Others in the Kitchen

In my opinion, one of the greatest things I can teach my children is how to love and serve others. I had the opportunity on Monday evening to help bring dinner into a family who just had a baby. As I spent time preparing my portion, my kids asked what I was doing. When I told them I was making dinner for some neighbors, they asked if they could help. What a great opportunity to allow them to see the benefits of service! They washed their hands, and then helped me add ingredients to the salad. They helped me butter the bread. When everything was prepared and ready, we packaged it all up, loaded into our car, and took it over to the family. On the way home, we talked about the family’s situation and how happy they were to see us with food when their mom was tired and recovering from childbirth.

As parents, we can talk all we want about these things, but when we allow our children to participate, it really solidifies it for them! I want my kids to see the benefits of service, as well as realizing that we can bless others’ lives every day by doing small things. I only hope they can carry these service opportunities with them throughout their lives.

How have you taught your children about serving others?

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