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Stories for Snuggling: Book Giveaway: Robin Cheeky CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed. Winners to be posted shortly!

I have a brand-new book to share with you from a new author: Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys by Tammi Titus. Tammi contacted me, asking if I would review and share her new book with my readers. I jumped at the opportunity to read a new children’s book:

Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys

Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys by Tammi Titus

Summary from book flap:

Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys is the first adventure of Robin Cheeky and his friend, Pluxie, the colorful two-tailed cat. The two friends work together as a team, with compassion for each other. This helps them overcome adversity and challenges in life. Robin Cheeky was the author’s imaginary childhood friend. He helped her overcome daily struggles, inspired her to be creative and never let her give up on her dreams. The lively illustrations capture the child’s imagination and sense of wonder. The simplicity of the Robin Cheeky stories encourages children to read. This series is like a fine chocolate bar–cheekyliscious! It will keep you coming back for more.

My review:

When this book arrived in the mail, my children and I ripped open the package, snuggled together on the couch, and got lost in the world of Robin Cheeky. It is a cute book. My favorite part is the bright and colorful pictures; very attractive to children. My children LOVED the book and have begged to read it over and over all weekend! Here are their reviews:

When I read the last page, my 6-year-old says, “No! I wanted it longer!” He is really hoping there are more books that follow ’cause he wanted to read about Robin Cheeky and Pluxie’s adventures and was so sad when they weren’t included in this book! Too cute!

My 3-year-old said, “I like the kitty cat.” When she first noticed there was a black and white cat in the story, she ran straight up to her room and got her black and white cat to cuddle with while we read. She loved it!

Activity Idea:

smileys in my 6-year-old's room

When we were done reading, my son asked if he could paint smileys on his wall, just like in the book. Since we couldn’t do that, I told him we could make them out of paper, and tape them on their walls. My children then spent the next hour (yes, you read that right: the next HOUR) making smileys to put around our house. Every time we see them, we can’t help but smile. And my daughter constantly tells me her room is like Robin Cheeky’s. What a fun extension for the book!

smileys in my 3-year-old's room


Would you like a copy? Tammi Titus is giving away FIVE autographed copies of Robin Cheeky and the Magical Smileys to YOU! To enter, please leave a comment by Monday, August 23rd at midnight MT. Please tell us who you will be sharing the book with and what makes you smile!

1. For one entry, leave a comment.

2. For more entries, blog, tweet, or FB about it.

Good luck!



  1. I LOVE children’s book and this seems like one my kids would especially love! I hope I win!

  2. We love books! thanks for the opportunity to win. I’m going to tweet about it now!

  3. Please enter me for your giveaway. I have to say when i opened your site and saw the book cover it made me smile. Thanks!

  4. love children’s book and always looking for something new!

  5. I have always loved children’s books. I have quite a few that I read to my son when he was small. When he got older, he read them to me. Now, it is time to read them to my grandson and this would be a great addition to our collection.

  6. I would love to win a copy of this book. I will be sharing it with my 4-year-old great-grandson who lives with me. He loves books. I tried to find this one in our local library, but apparently it hasn’t hit there yet.

  7. Love to get one for my grand daugthers. They love books.

  8. I would love to share this book with my son and then possibly sharing it with his class at school or the library. I also would love to support my friends family!

  9. Would love to have a copy of this book! I would share it with my four children, ages 8, 6, 4, and 2. It sounds like it would be a perfect book for them to understand adversity and trying to smile through the tough times. We are getting ready to move in 2 weeks and their dad is deploying for the second time this year. We take all the smiles we can get!

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