Posted by: ad65shorty | June 28, 2010

TP Roll Flowers

We are working on these this week:

I got the idea from Elise here.

Here are ours. I did the steps in a different order, but both would work.


TP rolls or paper towel rolls


Paint brushes

Elmer’s glue

Tissue Paper

Decorations to jazz it up (we used glitter)

Pipe cleaners

Pom poms in different sizes


1. Cut the TP rolls. I cut mine into about 1/2-inch strips. I liked them folded a bit for character, plus they are so easy to cut that way. We used 6 per flower; 4 per butterfly.

2. Let your children paint each strip. (Elise glued hers first and then let her children paint). Allow to dry.

3. When dry, let your children choose how to arrange them. My daughter did not like the classic shape so she created her own. I love her individuality.

4. Glue each flower and butterfly on tissue paper of your child’s choosing. I loved Elise’s hint of putting glue on a plate, dipping the creation in, and then pressing it on the tissue paper. Allow to dry.

5. Cut the excess tissue paper off. I left a tiny border around each of mine. I then glued and tucked in the ends on the back (I forgot to take a picture of that part).

6. After everything is dry and secure, let your children decorate. We used glitter on the petals and butterfly wings, pom poms in the middle, and pipe cleaners for the stems and attennas. I also used Elise’s hint of wrapping the pipe cleaners around a skewer to make them stand up. I think you would want an extra layer or two of tissue paper if you were doing anything heavier than glitter; it was pretty thin.



7. We then placed ours in a vase. I put a bit of styrofoam in the bottom of the vase to poke the skewers into. They kept falling, and I wanted each to have a proud display! We gave this to Grandma for her birthday. They are proudly displayed in her living room!

Thanx for the fun craft, Elise! It was long and kind of messy, but so much fun! And my kids had a BLAST designing these! 🙂


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