Posted by: ad65shorty | June 17, 2010

Father’s Day Ideas: Linky Love

Here are a couple of ideas from around the web that I liked. Enjoy!

Book Ends from DLTK. You could make these with photo cubes, as well:


Footprint Shoe Deoderizer and a twist on the canvas painting (scroll down for the latter) from Roots & Wings Co:


Father’s Day card from Little Birdie Secrets:


Cute Footprint Poem for Dad at DLTK. I would print off the poem on paper, put my kids’ footprints around the outside, and then frame it. Adorable! (no picture for this one)

And my all-time favorite: A Father’s Day Collage from Kodak. I’ve waited for the day when I have 3 children so they can each hold one! I think doing it in black and white would look so classy. You could also spell Daddy, if needed, or do one for Grandpa with his grandchildren. Love, love, LOVE it! And CAN’T wait to use it!



  1. We are doing the DAD and PAPA picture this year. Except I didn’t get the pictures taken before my Ella fell and scratched up her whole face and lost a tooth! So I am waiting til next week when her face has at least healed. You could always have both your kids hold the “A” so it balanced out the collage. Or are you trying to tell us #3 is on the way? 🙂

  2. Amy,

    So sorry about your little one. That always seems to happen in this house whenever I want cute pictures!

    I hadn’t thought about both kids holding a letter. A great idea!

    And I wish I could tell you #3 is on the way! *sigh* Someday! (but patiently waiting) 🙂

  3. Thanks for linking up to two of our Father’s Day ideas!

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