Posted by: ad65shorty | June 9, 2010

Local Fun: Bridal Veil Falls

Every so often this summer, I’ll share something fun that you locals can do. Most of these ideas will be FREE or very cheap ’cause that’s how I roll!

We love hiking! Seriously. You will find us in the mountains at least once a week, exploring a new spot or an old favorite. We love being outside, in nature. We make a lot of memories this way, and it’s something we hope our children will take with them as a positive memory of their childhood.

Bridal Veil Falls

One of my favorite spots to take out of town guests is Bridal Veil Falls. The hike is short so the altitude doesn’t bother them, plus, the trail is all paved. The kids love playing at the foot of the waterfall, getting wet, and climbing on the rocks. I love the beauty of the place. There are also lots of spots for picnicking. This is definitely a shorter “hike,” one that’s perfect when you only have a couple of hours.

This is my son and two of his aunts climbing on the rocks at the bottom!

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