Posted by: ad65shorty | May 15, 2010

Hints for Traveling with Kids

We’re heading out on a road trip next week. We can’t wait!!! As I’ve been in packing mode this week, I remembered that I wrote a post last summer with hints for traveling with kids. I pulled it up this week to help me remember my own tips (since it’s been a full year since we last traveled a long distance). Here is the link, if you’re interested:

What have you found to be helpful for road trips with children?



  1. DVD players, some movies some kid song videos
    crayons (found some at dollar store that is like a star with multiple colors…so no dropping and hollaring for a specific color!, notebooks
    healthy snacks in ziploc “slide” bags (oranges, apples, beef jerky, lunch meat, crackers)…less sugar the better
    water, no juice or milk…quenches thirst better
    lots of pit stops
    GPS to find parks for said pit stops
    no shoes, no socks…sweat pants for comfort
    blankets, pillows

    • Thanx, Tina! These are great!!! So wish we had GPS. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?! 🙂

      • absolutely love it…my MIL gave it to us a few years ago…I that “What the?”…but she knew JUST what she was doing :o)

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