Posted by: ad65shorty | May 10, 2010

Child’s Bedtime Question

I’m having problems with my daughter’s bedtime routine. I need some help! Come visit me over at Facebook and give me some advice! Thanx!



  1. Angee, just saw this and wanted to say we have been through the same thing!!! You are not alone. 🙂 I gave a similar cry for help and thought you might want to read the advice I got here:

    I don’t agree with all of it… I am not a door locker, but it works for a lot of people. This is what worked for us, and is still working!!!

    Hope things get better soon. 🙂

  2. Lauren,

    Thanx for the links and the ideas!!! It’s funny ’cause I read the first link (your problem) first and really liked the last comment. Then I read the 2nd link (your solution) and chuckled that that’s the one you tried, too! We’ll probably be trying it after our trip. Thanx again!

    Angee 🙂

    PS We did the door locking thing for quite awhile, but she has figured out how to get out! We also tried Super Nanny’s techniques, but I’m worn out. It’s good to know this is just a stage!

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