Posted by: ad65shorty | May 4, 2010

Mother’s Day Idea: Flower Pot Recipe Holder

This week, I will be sharing a bunch of ideas for Mother’s Day gifts. These ideas came from YOU! Thanx for contributing! 🙂

Amy, from Super Healthy Kids, says:

My favorite mothers day gift was when Nate decorated a flower pot.  There were beans or something in it.  There was somehow a “stem” with a clip at the top for recipes.  And the preschool teacher asked Nathan what the directions and ingredients were to make muffins. It was adorable. Something like 5 cups salt, 1 cup muffins, etc.  Hilarious to read. And the instructutions were just as funny.  And on the back of the recipe card was a picture of Nate.  I loved it!!

Amy was able to send me the picture of her son, although she doesn’t have the flower pot anymore. She also tried to send me a copy of the recipe card, but the picture didn’t transfer well on either computer. If you have any more questions on this one, leave her a comment! 🙂


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