Posted by: ad65shorty | May 2, 2010

Stories for Snuggling: A Present for Mom

A Present for Mom

A Present for Mom by Vivian French

We picked this one because there was a “kitty cat” at the front, which my daughter is obsessed with! Adorable story!


Little Stanley is the youngest kitten in his family. Mother’s Day is coming, and he just doesn’t know what to get for his mom. He asks his older brothers and sisters and uses their ideas, only his always end in failure. He is so discouraged until the morning of Mother’s Day when he wakes up with a fabulous idea. He wraps up his old toy box and presents it to his mom. But, it’s “empty” inside. Stanley then tells his mother that its full of kisses brimming to the top! Love it!


This is something that children of all ages could use as a gift idea for someone they love! They could decorate a box with hearts and other things their loved one enjoys, then fill it with kisses and hugs. I know I would melt if my child gave me something like this! 🙂


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