Posted by: ad65shorty | April 29, 2010

Fun Butterfly Facts

Are you sick of hearing about our butterflies? Well, you get at least one more post dedicated to it. I have been amazed at all my children have learned about butterflies just by having them in our home. Here are some of the things they (and I!) have learned.

1. Butterflies like all kinds of fresh fruit. The juicier, the better.

2. Butterflies taste with their feet but drink with their tongues. So, if you want to feed the butterflies,  you place the piece of fruit at their feet. Their tongues work like straws.

3. Even my 2-year-old can say chrysallis!

4. They understand the life cycle of the butterfly.

5. Butterfly eggs (at least our painted lady butterfly eggs) are greenish-blue.

6. My son (mind you, he’s 5) asked today why the butterfly only has 4 legs if they are considered insects (they should have 6). Thank goodness for the internet! We got on and discovered that the first two legs are “hidden,” and they use the last 4 for walking.

7. We discovered how important it is to keep the chrysallis’ still. My daughter released the hook they were hanging on, and they fell. We had those last two butterflies emerge with deformaties: one is missing a leg, the other didn’t have completely formed wings.

8. We have witnessed the “birth” of a butterfly. When they come out, their wings are very soft, wrinkled, and wet. They pump blood through their wings to get them hard. Amazing to watch!

9. When butterflies emerge, there is some red liquid that looks like blood. We have learned it’s just leftover color.

10. My 2-year-old has spotted the eyes on the butterflies and thinks they are the neatest things.

11. My son noticed that their little bodies are furry, although their wings are not.

12. We have enjoyed watching the butterflies “fight” over food. When another gets too near, they stick out their legs and hit the other butterfly until it finds its own space!

13. When the butterflies just start eating, they flap their wings slowly (but just at first).

14. My son’s name begins with “J.” He thinks it’s so cool that when the caterpillars get ready to turn into chrysallis’, they hang upside down in a J-shape!

15. When the caterpillar is transforming into a chrysallis, it shakes and moves and adjusts until it’s sluffed off the caterpillar skin and is hard. Speaking of, my children have also learned that as a caterpillar grows, it has to sluff off the skin that is too small.

Whew! Is that enough info for you?! I think of all the things I could have told my kids about butterflies, but witnessing it day in and day out is incredible! Every day at lunch we feed them fresh fruit and enjoy watching them find it with their feet and then stick their tongues out to eat!

We are gearing up to release them in the next couple of days! Whenever it stops raining and snowing! Come on spring!



  1. That is SO COOL Angee! I will have to do this sometime! What a fun learning experience. I didn’t even know most of these things!

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