Posted by: ad65shorty | April 10, 2010

Activity for Teaching Respect/Love at Home

We’ve had a problem with respect in our home lately:  the way the kids talk to the adults in our home. After a lot of thought and prayer, I finally came up with a solution. My kids have really reacted in a positive way to this, and the lack of respect is gone! Wow! I wanted to share the idea with the hopes it may help you.

So, I made these little hearts. There are 12 of them:  6 with ways we can show love in our home (like playing nicely together and asking before taking something) and 6 with ways that don’t show love (such as fighting or yelling). The kids helped me color them, and I then glued them onto popsicle sticks.

We sang a song about love in our family, and then I introduced the topic of the lesson (we do a family night with a short lesson every Monday night). I then laid the hearts out on the table. The kids took turns picking a heart. We read what was written on each one, and then decided if it showed love or not. If it showed love, they placed it in “Our Love Garden” (see picture below). If it didn’t show love, it went in the trash pile. They loved this activity, and it was perfect for both a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old.

I then pulled out a vase and some pom-poms. I told them that these were warm fuzzies, and we were going to work together to fill “Our Vase of Love.” To earn a warm fuzzy, they had to show love to someone in our family (and we reviewed how we can show love, with a focus on talking nicely to Mom and Dad). The catch was that someone has to see them doing it, they can’t ask for one. When our vase is filled to the top, we get to go do something special as a family. Now my kids are young enough that I didn’t have to tell them what. With older children, I would tell them the reward.

I also decided to add a slight twist to the vase idea. Every time they are caught not showing love, we take a warm fuzzy out of the jar. I wasn’t sure about that because I really like to focus on the positive, but it is really, really working with my kids! So, I guess it’s okay.

My kids are LOVING this and are working so hard to earn their warm fuzzies! They really want to go do something together as a family. I have not had to talk with them about using a nicer tone of voice at all this week! YAY for a fun, new idea in our family! 🙂

Any other ideas out there that have helped you ’cause I’m sure my kids will revert back in the future, and we’re going to need something new!


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