Posted by: ad65shorty | April 2, 2010

LDS General Conference Ideas for Children

Twice a year, my church has a general conference, which is a broadcast for every member of my church. We believe in living prophets, and this is an opportunity to sit at their feet and hear what God would have us learn to become better people. We have this conference coming up this weekend. As I have a big LDS audience, I thought I would include some fun ideas for your children.


Did you know that has recently added a General Conference section with activities for children? Check it out!  This game is my son’s favorite. I love that all of this is Church-approved material that you can use in your Primary organizations.

The other thing my kids love is their Conference snack. It’s a simple homemade trail mix. Each item in the mix represents a word. Every time they hear that word, they get to find one of those items and eat it! This keeps them entertained (and listening!) for a least one session! Here’s what I’m doing for this year; you can easily adapt it to what your children like and change the words to listen for!

General Conference snack

Prayer = M&MsFamily = Goldfish or peanuts

Gospel = Marshmallows

Faith = Pretzels or raisins/dried fruit

Jesus = Popcorn

Spirit = Swedish fish or another gooey treat

Here are some more activities that I shared for the last General Conference in October. Enjoy!

I share new ideas every year. Check them out here!

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