Posted by: ad65shorty | April 1, 2010

Egg Patterning

Cut some different colored eggs out of construction paper. You could also make some small and some big. Have your children use these for patterning or sorting or counting. As you can see from the shine in my pictures, I like to laminate mine for extra durability.

patterning with 2 colors

patterning with 3 colors (pink, purple, blue)

sorting by color (you could also do by size)

ready for counting

Need more Easter ideas? Check out these ideas from the past:

Resurrection Eggs: A more spiritual approach. We save this one for Easter Sunday morning and do our fun egg hunt on Saturday.

Easter Egg Counting: A simple matching game. Also could be used for ABCs.

Be an Easter Bunny: A fun dramatic play activity.

Resurrection Rolls: A great hands-0n activity that helps children understand the Resurrection.

Shaving Cream Eggs: A messy art project.

What are you doing for Easter?

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