Posted by: ad65shorty | March 26, 2010

Guest Post: Mess Free Crafts, day 5

This is one in a series of mess free crafts by Elise of Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds.

Another popular and no mess activity is beading. This is perfect for using for different themes. We made some heart shaped beaded ornaments for Valentine’s Day.

Photo below: Materials used – a supply of beads and some wire which you can shape into desired shape.

Photo below: My daughter selected some colored beads that she wanted to use and then we talked about a pattern combination and away she went.

Photo below: Some almost finished heart shaped bead ornaments. These were not made in one sitting – my daughter kept coming back to them throughout the week.

As part of our Valentine’s Day crafts, we also made some framed photo collages.

Photo below: I prepared two photo boards – one for my son and one for my daughter. The top one is for my son and was made from a piece of black card and some heart shapes which I cut from scrap booking paper. The second black card contains some gold brad clips arranged in heart shapes. They were not secured tightly as the plan was for my daughter to thread wool or pipe cleaners around these brad clips. I also used white crayon to draw other heart shapes so my daughter could glue jewels, beads etc. onto these heart shapes

Photo below: Once my daughter threaded the pipe cleaners and wool around the brad clips to make some heart shaped frames and glued on some bits and pieces to make the remaining heart shaped frames, we selected some photos of people and activities that she loves and enjoys. I think we will do a different version of this every year, as it could turn into a fun tradition and they make a lovely keepsake.

Photo below: My sons framed collage. He used vibrant crayons to decorate his frames. He did some doodling in the centre of his frames, so I just stuck the photos in places where he didn’t do as much drawing.

A final mess free craft that is some zip lock bag animals that we made.

We had on hand cotton balls, tissue paper, crepe paper, cellophane, sheets of felt, ribbon, glue, pipe cleaners and of course the zip lock bags to make these.

Method: Determine what animal you are going to create. We made a sheep, spider and lady beetle.

What we did was fill up zip lock bags with whatever stuffing would be appropriate for the desired effect (for the sheep we used cotton balls, for the spider and lady beetle we used crepe paper). An adult needs to make small incisions in the bags to insert the pipe cleaners to make legs and tails (which we made with some curling ribbon) and then it’s a matter of sticking on some facial features. These make great puppets, or props, for story telling as well as for singing songs.

I hope that if you ever have a need, or desire, for a mess free craft you will be able to use one of these suggestions. Happy crafting!

I hope this week has inspired you, as much as it has inspired me! Thanx again, Elise! This was fabulous!


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