Posted by: ad65shorty | March 25, 2010

Guest Post: Mess Free Crafts, day 4

This is one in a series of mess free crafts by Elise of Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds.

This wouldn’t be a mess free craft post if I did not include the good old contact collages.

We have used contact collages for a few different purposes.

Photo below: We made a contact fairy house.

I had two pieces of contact for this fairy house – one being the “roof” of the fairy house (a piece of contact cut out in a mushroom sort of like shape) and then a large rectangular piece to stick everything onto including the roof piece. In the morning we went outside to collect leaves and twigs. Then my daughter (who was nearly three at the time) stuck all the leaves onto the roof piece. We then secured that onto the larger contact sheet. I helped her with the twigs (the “walls” of the fairy house) and then with a little guidance she placed all of the fairy pictures around our house.

Contact is perfect for making bloomin’ beautiful accessories. We have used it to make many a nature bracelet and also the crown in the photo below. For the crown, I used a piece of card to cut out a crown shape and then used this card as a template to cut out the contact paper. I adhered the contact paper to the card (sticky side facing out) and we went around the garden collecting bits and pieces to stick onto our crown.

Textured collages are also an easy to prepare and enjoyable craft for younger toddlers.

Photo below: My twenty month old son stuck most of the bits and pieces onto this collage. His older (three year old sis) helped out a bit. This was one of the craft activities we did for St Patrick’s Day – rainbow theme  (while my little boy was doing this, my daughter was creating a 3D rainbow collage).

The materials used included: contact paper (two sheets – one to stick everything onto and one piece to place over the top to seal the artwork); feathers; honeycomb mesh, felt pieces, colored popsicle sticks, pom poms and pipe cleaners.

I love that even the littlest of children can do this! I need to go buy some contact paper!


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