Posted by: ad65shorty | March 24, 2010

Guest Post: Mess Free Crafts, day 3

This is one in a series of mess free crafts by Elise of Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds.

Using sticky tape instead of glue has been a way to cut back on the mess. We recently made some alfoil creations with minimal mess (actually there would have been minimal mess if I had not come up with the crazy idea of trying to craft at a table where my little boy delighted in throwing bits and pieces everywhere. We usually craft on our kitchen bench and my son is in his high chair – much better for containing mess). It was fun to use alfoil as our canvas. I covered two tissue boxes in alfoil  – one for my daughter and one for my son. I also had on hand some collage pieces (colored doilies, ribbon, pipe cleaners, pom poms, textured card, tissue paper, buttons, stickers, pens and sticky tape.

Photo below: My daughter came up with “the Robot Lady” as she called her.

Later in the week, we made some more alfoil creations, this time it was alfoil fairies.

I covered toilet roll tubes and some polystyrene egg shapes in alfoil – a simple body and head. My daughter got busy creating.

Photo below: The alfoil fairies. I had to help my daughter with the middle fairy quite a bit as she was “getting frustrated” as she said, trying to place all the feathers on the dress. My daughter also needed a little help making and placing the wings on her middle fairy.

The best part about these fairies is that my daughter plays with them regularly and it is so sweet to listen to the imaginative play that has come about with these fairies.

I love those fairies! My little ones would love those! So cute, Elise!


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