Posted by: ad65shorty | March 22, 2010

Guest Post: Mess Free Crafts, day 1

Elise from Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds is here as my guest this week! That’s right. This week! When I asked Elise to do a post on some mess free crafts, she delivered! She sent me a 16- page Word document with ideas! Wow!! So this week I will be breaking her ideas into separate posts. You will get to see some of her ideas each day. Enjoy!

I am the author of the blog: Inspiration Surrounds, Creativity Abounds and mostly write about the sources of inspiration that we use to play, learn and create arts and crafts throughout our days. I must say that I am very excited to be doing my very first guest post here for Angee.

We (my three and a half year old daughter, twenty month old son and I) enjoy creating all sorts of arts and crafts together. Don’t get me wrong, we have our fair share of messy arts and crafts around here, but there are those times where minimal mess and clean up are the order of the day. I have a few activities that my two children enjoy which are mess free, fun and produce lovely creations.

 The mess free crafts featured in this post include:

  • Rainbow felt flowers
  • Paper towel art and creations
  • Alfoil creations
  • Contact collages (a contact fairy house, a nature crown and a textured collage)
  • A themed beading activity
  • Two different photo frame collages – one for a younger toddler and one for an older toddler
  • Zip lock bag animals.

My most recent mess free craft discovery has been felt flowers. The original idea for these flowers came from Montessori Mama in this post. We adapted ours a little to fit in with our St Patrick’s Day theme where we were making all sorts of rainbow creations.

 The photo below features our rainbow felt flowers:

These are so simple to make, the hard work is in the preparation. However, you can simply cut out less felt pieces and thereby minimise the amount of time you spend preparing this activity. Because our activity was used to fit into our theme of rainbows, I cut out felt pieces that were the colors of the rainbow to make different sized petals (with the violet felt petal piece being the smallest piece and cutting each different colored felt petal slightly larger – the red petal was the largest.)

How to make Rainbow Felt Flowers:

Photo below: First, my daughter sorted the felt petal pieces into piles according to their color. I had cut up six petals in each color. Then she organised them according to size – from smallest (violet) to the largest (red pieces of felt)

To start the flower, we wound the end of a pipe cleaner around a purple pom pom (as per Montessori Mama’s instructions). This pom pom acted as the centre of the flower and secured the felt pieces so that they didn’t fall off. Then it was time to start threading. With each of the felt pieces, you need to fold them over and cut a small incision so that you have a small hole to thread the pieces onto the pipe cleaners.

Photo below: Threading the felt pieces onto the stem of the flower.

Photo below: After my daughter made the six rainbow felt flowers, she got busy making up her own designs with the circled pieces of felt I had prepared and some buttons. We talked about starting with the smallest circle (felt piece, or button) first and then placing bigger circle shaped pieces onto the stem.

Photo below: The completed circle felt flowers (these were much quicker to prepare than the rainbow felt flowers)



Aren’t these so cute?! We’re having some technical difficulties so stay tuned for more in the future!


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