Posted by: ad65shorty | March 18, 2010

5 Senses: Touch

Here are 3 ideas for TOUCH:

1. Make a texture book. Make a simple book by putting items with different textures on each page, then bind it together. For literacy practice, write the feeling words below (like bumpy or smooth). This is really good for babies, but kids seem to enjoy it, too!

sponges in our feely bag

feathers in our feely bag

2. I love “feely bags!” Put different items* in paper bags (a box with a hole is also fun). The children put their hands into the bag without looking, feel what is inside, and then guess what it is! After they guess, they can look and see if they were right. You could also have your children describe what they are feeling. This is a favorite for kids!

3. Play the “Shape Guessing Game.” Have your children put their hands behind their backs. Without them seeing, place a plastic shape into their hands. They have to feel what it is and then guess what is in their hands. You could do this with any object; I just like to incorporate learning into it!

*I try to put as many different types of texture as I can. I have Easter grass (scratchy), feathers (pokey and soft), flannel scraps (soft), new sponges (squishy), wet wipe inside a plastic bag inside the paper bag (wet and cold), noodles with bumps (bumpy and hard), plastic counters (smooth).

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