Posted by: ad65shorty | March 10, 2010

Be a Leprechaun

Have your child pretend to be a leprechaun (oh, my! my kids are going to LOVE this!). Here are a couple of ideas:

*Provide a green hat or vest or shirt that they can wear.

*Decorate the play area with green: pillows, blankets, blocks, streamers, etc.

*Provide a pot of gold that they can hide.

*Make a rainbow or have your children make a rainbow.

*Have your children talk like leprechauns.

Any other ideas? I can’t wait to do this with my kids and see what they come up with! They are so creative!



  1. Every year at Meadow Elementary the third graders make Leprachan traps. They are pretty creative. I should let you know when the big “viewing” will be and you can bring your kids up.

  2. Amy,

    My kids would love that! Please let us know!

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