Posted by: ad65shorty | March 3, 2010

Active Play With Numbers

Get those kids off the computer and learn through playing! If your kids are going stir-crazy like mine (the weather has been GORGEOUS here, but my little one is sick so we are stuck inside), this is a great way to release some of that pent-up energy and combine learning, all in one!

Draw numbers on the floor (inside you can use paper taped to the ground or masking tape; outside you can use sidewalk chalk). Space the letters out a bit. Have your child run to the #1, hop to the #2, dance on the #3, roll to the #4, and so on. Continue until you’re all exhausted!

I like this one ’cause you can make it harder or easier, depending on what your child needs! We are SO doing this today!

Click here for another version, where your children can pretend to be frogs!

Idea adapted from here:



  1. Love this idea and will use it, but have you heard of the game Hyper Dash? It is a lot like this. Has different colored/numbered circles and a “smasher” that you slam down on whichever color/number the voice tells you to go to. We spread them all over the house and it has different levels, so if we have younger kids it only does colors, then preschool you can do the numbers, and for even older kids it does math problems. It’s a lot of fun!!

  2. FUN!!! We used to play a game similar to this, except you use a toilet plunger (new, of course). They sell smaller ones at Home Depot, which are perfect for the kids. I think we called it “Plunger Man.” Same concept. I love how open-ended it is. What a great way to work on sight words, as well! šŸ™‚ Thanx for sharing, Gina!

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