Posted by: ad65shorty | March 2, 2010

Counting: One-to-one correspondence

Whew!! What a week! And it’s only Tuesday!!! We had a great time eating green eggs and ham today for lunch. My 5-year-old remembered it from the past and was so excited to tell his little sister all about it! My 2-year-old jumped right in, as is her nature, and ate them right up!! A success!! I love when we do something fun with a book!

Now on to the theme for this week. I’ve put a lot of thought into is and will be sharing number/counting activities this week. Today I wanted to talk about one-to-one correspondence. I chose this on Tuesday, my kitchen day, because for today’s activity you will be using an egg carton!! 🙂

Most children can count by the time they enter preschool, but many don’t have an understanding of numbers. Number sense is so important for children to grasp! It leads to success in math! When I first start teaching numbers, I begin with other activities besides counting. We do a lot of activities, such as looking at groups of items and finding which has more, which has less, which has the same. I would put out a group of objects (like 5) and have my children match mine. I would give them some objects and ask them to share between me and them (they normally will share equally).

Another activity I spent time on was one-to-one correspondence. What is one-to-one correspondence? Touching one object for each object that is counted out loud. At first, I don’t have the children count. I will provide something as simple as an egg carton and have them put ONE pom-pom in each hole. As they master this, we can then progress to counting the objects as they put them in the hole. I would probably start with an egg carton that has 6 holes, but since we love eggs, this is what we have:

Here is a website with some other ideas:  LOVE it!! (The bear one is fun, and I like the idea of using tongs to reinforce fine motor skills.)

As your children progress and learn to count objects in a group, have them touch each object they are counting. Very important!

Did you know this is also a skill that children must have mastered before learning to read? As children learn to read, they touch each word. This is a post for another day, but just an FYI.

I’d love to see pictures of what you’re doing to work on one-to-one correspondence with your little ones!

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