Posted by: ad65shorty | February 26, 2010

My Body Fishing Game

One more fun idea! I had a hard time choosing just one idea to share. I like this one ’cause it caters to kids of all ages. You could make it much more advanced for older children. Younger children love the “fishing pole” concept! The little ones (toddlers) LOVE this; they just need a little help catching the fish!

1. Copy a bunch of fish on colored paper. Cut out. (or you could just cut fish shapes)

2. On the backs, write action words, or things they can do, such as “clap your hands,” “walk like a crab,” “hop on one foot,” etc.

3. Take turns fishing. Read the back and do what it says. For a bigger group of young children, it’s good to let everyone do the action. For older children, or a smaller group, the child who caught the fish can do the action.

Click here for fishing pole ideas from the past.

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