Posted by: ad65shorty | February 25, 2010


Use your bodies to build letters. Kids learn best kinesthetically so this is a great way to learn letters. It’s a little tricky at first, but once they get it, it’s fun to see what they come up with. It’s also fun to have them build a letter and then have them try to build the same letter a different way!

Letter F

For older children, you could also have them do this with sight words or spelling words–building the words one letter at a time!


  1. We have done this too. My now 18-year old daughter remembered when we did this when she was little and has been doing it some with her brothers. It is easier to make some of the letters if you have a few children work together on them. It is so fun watching them figure out how to do it and assign roles,”You be the top bar, and I’ll be the…”

  2. Great idea, Phyllis! And what a great way to work on team work/cooperation!

    Thanx for sharing!!! 🙂

  3. You should take photo’s of each letter and then spell words with them!

  4. Amy,

    Another great idea!!! You would definitely have to make a couple of copies of popular letters, such as E, to spell words. I love it!

    When my son was in preschool, his teacher did a letter of the week homework book. He had to find that letter or the things that began with that letter and bring them in to show the class. We built a letter with his body every week and took a picture for him to take in. His teacher said it was the kids favorite thing to see what he had created that week! 🙂

    LOVE your idea for older children! Thanx!

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