Posted by: ad65shorty | February 3, 2010

Valentine Letter Hunt

I shared a similar activity at Christmas, but this is definitely a favorite for little ones so I wanted to share it again, once again to show how the same activity can be used throughout the year! I love that it’s so open-ended AND that there is so much learning going on.

1. Cut a bunch of hearts out of colored paper.

2. Write one letter (or whatever skill you are learning) on each one. I like to make lots with the letter we are learning and a couple with review letters.

3. Hang at children’s eye level around the room. Make sure the letter is facing out.

4. Have your children hunt for the letters. Have your child choose ONE, say the letter AND the sound, and bring it to the carpet or table. They can then go find another and do the same thing! If you are doing this in a classroom setting, I would limit the number each child can find!

5. When all the hearts have been found, let the children “hide” the hearts again (hang them back on the wall). This is their favorite part!

6. Begin again!



  1. What a great idea! My kids will love this

  2. Themed activities like this are so fun. Hiding the hearts would appeal to my little girl too.

  3. I forgot to mention how much I like your parking lot game. I am bookmarking your great idea and will certainly be using it when my little boy is a bit older. It’s such a versatile game. Thank you for sharing this.

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