Posted by: ad65shorty | January 28, 2010

Truck Letter Matching


1. Draw some trucks on colored paper. Cut out. Laminate for durability, optional.

2. Write one letter you are learning on each truck. I chose to do uppercase letters.

3. Cut out small circles, 2 for each truck. I did mine on brown. These will be the wheels for the trucks.

4. Write the corresponding lowercase letter on one wheel.

5. Find a picture with each beginning sound and glue onto the other wheel.


1. Lay out all the trucks and wheels.

2. Have your child find the wheels that match each truck: the lowercase letter and matching picture. Place the matching wheels on each truck.

**You could do this with other skills, as well. When I taught 1st grade, I did contractions. I wrote the contraction on each truck and the words in the contraction for each wheel (ex. “can’t” on the truck; “can” and “not” on the wheels).


  1. fun! hey so do you have a laminating machine, or do you take it somewhere?

  2. i like this one too! so do you have a laminating machine or do you take it somewhere

  3. lol, sorry i thought my first comment didnt post 🙂

  4. You’re too cute, Lindsey!!

    I don’t own a laminating machine. The UPS store has really good quality laminating for a good price. Teacher supply stores also have laminating machines. Or you can use contact paper.

    I just find my stuff lasts longer through many sets of little hands if I laminate them so I usually do it! 🙂

  5. What a fun idea!

  6. I love everything about your blog!! I featured this idea on my blog to feature ideas for cars and trucks. Thanks for sharing!!

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