Posted by: ad65shorty | January 26, 2010

Guest Post: Candy Trains

Amy from Crafty Distractions is here as my guest today!! She is the most crafty lady I know, in addition to being my sister-in-law! 🙂  You’ll want to check out her blog to see all the fun projects she’s currently working on! Her family does these candy trains every Christmas, and I thought they were perfect for our transportation theme this week! Introducing…. Amy!


Every year our family gets together to make candy trains and this year was no different. I usually have everyone bring their own bag of their favorite mini candy bars and then I supply the rest. It’s so much fun and then we usually have a contest at the end, but everyone wins anyway… here are the usual ingredients that are used every time. You can add more candy for different objects if you’d like.
Things You’ll Need:
-9×13 cookie pan covered in tin foil
-frosting (I usually make my own because it’s a lot easier to handle than store bought)
-sandwich bags with or without the ziploc top (to put the frosting in, then snip a bottom corner to apply to the candy)
-Twizzlers Pull ‘N Peel Licorice (for the train tracks)
-Tootsie Rolls and/or Jolly Ranchers (for the smoke stacks and logs on one of the trains)
-Mini Candy Bars (any kind, for the trains themselves)
-Peppermint Candy (for the train wheels)
-Marshamallows (for the igloo in the middle)
You can add any other candy you like. It’s so much fun to get creative, we’ve made ice rinks in the middle with frosting and make little people out of tic tacs. Deer and Moose out of candy as well, you can also add paper or whatever to make it easier, but we make a rule to only allow edible things. Then we munch on it throughout the week, even though it usually doesn’t last more than a couple days.


Thanx, Amy! These are so fun!

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