Posted by: ad65shorty | January 12, 2010

Feed the Penguins (or Penguin Counting)

This is fun activity to reinforce counting.

Make a bunch of penguins (I found a clipart pattern I liked on-line and printed it off). Put a number on each of the penguin’s tummies.

Provide a bowl of goldfish. Your child’s job is to “feed” the penguins by counting out the corresponding number of goldfish. When completed, they can help the penguins eat the fish! My children LOVE this!

I didn’t have goldfish in my cupboard last year, but the balls worked great, too. Also, I like the penguins colored. Just another version of the same idea:


  1. ck out our fun feeding the penguin game. he really enjoyed it. wish i had seen your penguin ideas this week. they look great.

    sorry, i didn’t include the link in my last comment.

  3. […] visiting the penguins at SeaWorld. – A Thousand Joys combined penguins and math…. so did Dresses and Messes. – Ramblings of a Crazy Woman made penguin snacks. – The Shafer Family posted their mini-unit. […]

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