Posted by: ad65shorty | December 28, 2009

Design-a-Teddy Bear

I work in my church’s children’s organization as the secretary. At the beginning of the new year, the children advance to the next age group. My job at this time is to re-assign each child into a new class and to re-do all the rosters and such. I am very swamped! I didn’t realize how crazy it would be! We have also been out of town for the holidays. Life has just gotten in way! 🙂  I will finish posting tonite for the posts I have missed! Thank you for your understanding during this insanely busy time!

This week, I thought it would be fun to focus on teddy bears. There are so many great bear stories and activities!

Provide a teddy bear outline for your child. Have your child choose a color to trace it onto. Help them trace and cut it out. Break out all your fun art supplies and let them decorate their bear! It would be fun to use other art mediums, like buttons, textured paper, and stickers.

Here are ours:

Mine is on the left; my 2-year-old’s is on the right. She mainly told me where and what to color.


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