Posted by: ad65shorty | December 24, 2009

Christmas ABC Hunt

This has always been a favorite with the preschoolers I have had in my classroom and home! I love it ’cause it helps solidify their letters, and once again, it’s something you can use any time of the year for any theme!

1. Cut a bunch of simple Christmas shapes out of colored paper.

2. Write one letter (or whatever skill you are working on) on each one. If you are working on a specific letter, write that same letter on each one. If you are reviewing, write a variety instead.

3. Hang at children’s eye level around the room with tape. Hang so the letter is facing out. (My picture doesn’t show this on the wall…)

4. Tell your children they are going to go on a letter hunt. Their job is to find the letters around the room.

5. The trick? They must say the letter and the sound as they bring the shape to the carpet.

6. They continue until they find them all (with a classroom, it’s good to give each child a limit). I would also have them bring their shape to their spot on the carpet.

7. When all the letters have been found, they get to go “hide” them again! (or hang them back on the wall)

8. Begin again! I promise that they could play this forever! They LOVE hunting and then hiding the letters, even though they know where they are! 🙂 So simple. So fun!


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