Posted by: ad65shorty | December 16, 2009

Elf Hunt

This one is for those living local here in Utah. Sorry to the rest of you, but it was just too fun not to share!

Earlier this week, we went to Gardner Village in West Jordan. Right now, they have elves placed around the village doing miscellaneous things, such as decorating Christmas trees and ice skating. Your little ones (under 12) can then hunt for specific elves in the village using this page. They then take their completed list to the candy store for a free candy stick! YUM!

My kids had a blast!

Here are some hints from our experience:

1. Wear good walking shoes ’cause you will literally cover the whole village.

2. Dress warm. My husband and I did all the writing for the kids, and our hands were freezing! Gloves would have been great!

3. Bring a clipboard for writing on.

4. The elf hanging a star is very hard to find (we had to ask, and someone asked us). It is near Archibald’s; you actually have to go up the ramp to enter the restaurant to find it. But it’s so fun once you find it! 🙂

5. Go here for more info.



  1. Oh what fun! Sad we don’t have something like that here. 😦

    • Yep, living in Utah (aka Baby Capital of the World) does have its perks! We are never lacking in things to do with our families!

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