Posted by: ad65shorty | December 15, 2009

Neighborhood Christmas Baking Fun!

Something I wanted to do this year, but put on the back burner until I had time, was a small party for my kids and some of their friends. I thought it would be so fun to have a couple of my kids friends over to decorate sugar cookies in the spirit of Christmas. Last weekend, after all our Christmas preparations were done, we did it! I kept it smaller than I originally planned, but it was tons of fun!

The night before, I used refrigerated sugar cookie dough and made some Christmas-shaped sugar cookies. I made enough for each child to have two–one to enjoy in the moment and one to enjoy later! The next afternoon, our friends came over and had a blast decorating! I was fortunate that the moms came over, as well. They were a great help, and it was fun to chat!

I provided each child with a small bowl of frosting, complete with a popsicle stick (instead of a knife) for spreading. They also each got a small bowl with various candies (I just used the leftovers from our gingerbread house!). There were also a couple containers of sprinkles to share ’cause sprinkles are just so fun! They each chose their shapes and spent the next little while creating and nibbling! It was great fun and one I would definitely consider doing it again in the future with more friends.

I came across this link at Blissfully Domestic last week. It was just what I was imagining. She has some great ideas and hints, if you decide to host one of your own! Very simple, and loads of fun for all involved!


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