Posted by: ad65shorty | December 3, 2009

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Remember the Boo! game I shared at Halloween? This game is just like it, except with a Christmas theme. I like to share easy ways to adapt activities for different holidays. And why not recycle an activity your child absolutely loves with a slight twist?!

For this version, I used some Santa clipart, copied it multiple times, and cut it into squares. You could do any Christmas shape or do it on colored paper to jazz it up a bit. On the backs, I wrote lots of letters that we were working on. Once again, you could also do numbers or math facts or sight words… I also wrote “Ho Ho Ho” on the backs of some, as well.

Game Play:

1. Lay the Santa cards face-down.

2. The kids take turns drawing the cards one at a time, reading whatever is on the card. If they get it correct, they keep the card and go again.

3. If they get the card wrong, the card goes back into the middle, and their turn ends.

4. If they draw a “Ho! Ho! Ho!” card, they shout, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” in their best Santa voice, and their turn ends.

5. Play until all the cards are gone.


  1. I am loving your site! My son is IN LOVE with the alphabet right now…what a great idea. I am going to try this after the holidays 🙂

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