Posted by: ad65shorty | November 25, 2009

Hand and Foot Turkey

I’m not following theme today… I realized this as I was putting this post together. There are some fun things you could do, but you’ll have to wait until next year for those ideas, I guess!! 🙂 Today, I’ll be sharing another craft ’cause I love crafting with my kids!

I’m probably boring, but I LOVE the classic handprint turkey. I really do. Kids are only little once, and I love documenting how tiny they were using handprints. This is a twist on that old favorite. This time, you’ll get to document not only their hands, but also their feet!!

completed by 5-year-old

1. Trace your child’s foot on brown paper. Cut out. This will be the body. (My kids get a kick out of this every year!)

2. Trace your child’s hand on various colors of paper. Cut out. These will be the feathers.

3. Have your child design a turkey face on the footprint. It’s cute to add feet, although my children didn’t. I like to use construction paper for a beak, as well. But it’s all up to your child! (my son added “x’s” on his for all the times his turkey got hit when people were trying to get it!)

4. Glue the handprints near the top of the turkey. I like to glue them at the back.

5. Be sure to save this one in your child’s scrapbook. This is one you’ll want in the future to show them how much their hands and feet have grown!

completed by 2-year-old with Mom's help

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