Posted by: ad65shorty | November 23, 2009

Crafty Drumstick

completed by 2-year-old

I found this project through DLTK. I had a group of 2-year-olds over one day for a couple of hours and needed an easy craft project for them to do, and I found this one. I love that it was open-ended, simple, and worked on their cutting skills.

My directions are a little different than theirs. You can check out both and decide which works best for your child.

1. Print off the template here. Cut it out.

2. Cut some long 1-inch wide strips out of brown paper.

3. Have your child cut the strip into small pieces. This is a good time to teach them the right way to hold their scissors. Once again, I make up a silly song to help them remember how to do it.

4. Using a gluestick, have them glue their pieces onto their drumstick. Older children can try to fill the whole drumstick up. As you can see, this was as much as my daughter did, although she did do two!

5. Hang in your window for your neighbors to enjoy! 🙂

**You could also do this as a tear-art project, and have your child tear the paper instead of cutting. Another great way to strengthen those fine-motor muscles!


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