Posted by: ad65shorty | November 20, 2009

Native Americans: Pottery


Pottery was part of a Native American’s daily life. The pottery was used to carry water  and food in, as well as to cook things over the fires. One Indian method of making bowls is from clay rolls. They would shape a lump of clay into a flat pancake shape on a wooden area to serve as the base. Then roll long coils, long enough to go around the base and create a ring. After the rings were the size they desired, they would then smooth the pots with their fingers, dry the clay, and paint designs around the outside.


It would be really fun to do the clay bowl as mentioned above.

We always make beads out of the clay, poke holes through them, and let the dry for a day or two. Then, we string them into a necklace. If you do two colors, you could have your child string them into a pattern.

I love this recipe! It’s the one I use for playdough, but it also dries really well and smooth.

This was made by a 2-year-old!

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